with Nicola Verlato

Nicola Verlato’s workshop will focus on the traditional use of painting as a tool for representing stories and narrating events visually. Painting today serves various purposes, and Verlato will show participants crucial examples from art history, explaining how this technique can be used again with the same narrative purpose to depict contemporary events.

 Verlato’s research relies on the material concreteness of figurative painting, which, rooted in the classical tradition through a personal reinterpretation of Renaissance art, also moves into the immaterial sphere of three-dimensional digital modeling, projecting itself into a futuristic dimension that is already part of our reality. During the course, Nicola Verlato will guide students through his unique technique for creating a painting, starting with a simple subject such as a portrait or a single figure. The workshop is suitable for both beginners and those already familiar with painting.

Key information about this workshop

Credits: Conquest of The West, Nicola Verlato, 2011, Olio su lino, 203.2 x 137.1 cm, per gentile concessione dell’artista