Workshop 3D model for Painting

with Nicola Verlato

Milano Painting Academy organises and hosts the drawing workshop Tridimensional Models for Painting by the renown multidisciplinary artist Nicola Verlato.
This workshop offers participants the opportunity to discover how to realise a 3D model with traditional and contemporary techniques and use it to create a painting, guided by the artist Nicola Verlato. The making of a moquette before starting work on the final canvas was a method commonly used by artists in the Renaissance in order to study the composition for their works and the effect of light and chiaroscuro relying on those models.

During the workshop participants will be given a precise narrative to translate into a final drawing, making a Renaissance cartone (preparatory drawing). In order to realise their cartone, Verlato will give participants a series of sketches and exercises to do and a 3D little sculpture to realise which will also be edited digitally with software such as MAYA, ZBRUSH and BLENDER, to understand how to combine traditional and contemporary techniques

Part of this workshop revolves around the way painting was traditionally understood as a tool to represent stories and narrate events visually. For this reason, Verlato will show participants instrumental examples from the history of art and explain how this technique can be used again with the same narrative purpose to depict contemporary events.

At the end of the workshop participants will have learned: how to translate a narrative visually; how to create and use a 3D model to realise their own compositions using analogue and digital techniques; how to make a Renaissance cartoni.

Key information about this workshop

Credits: Conquest of The West, Nicola Verlato, 2011, Olio su lino, 203.2 x 137.1 cm, per gentile concessione dell’artista