Workshop Life Size Painting

with Bernardo Siciliano

Milano Painting Academy organises and hosts the workshop Life-Size Painting by the established Italian artist Bernardo Siciliano, who currently lives and works in New York.

This 6-day workshop is a unique experience and allows participants to learn the process of painting the naked life-size human figure, using a complete palette, with the guidance of the artist Bernardo Siciliano. Siciliano’s workshop is also a precious tool to experience how to interpret ancient and traditional techniques and methods in contemporary fashion. Every student will work on their own paintings with a gradual approach, painting layer by layer, paying attention to the use of the colour white and its relationship to all the other colours.

The preparatory canvas is painted with a neutral and medium-bright coloured background, that allows for the subsequent use of bolder colours. The distinct pictorial masses and the thick pictorial impasto are obtained by painting with vigorous, broad white strokes, mixed with the other colours of the palette. These are the elements needed and that will be taught to the participants to develop their own paintings.

Throughout the course, the participant will focus on a series of technical challenges, such as anatomy, background, light, composition, colours, quality of brushstrokes and shapes. Participants will also realise a series of portraits. Moreover, the workshop will provide a method to experiment with chromatic and tonal construction when painting.

Key information about this workshop

Credits: Overlap #2, Bernardo Siciliano, 2016, Olio su Tela, 47 x 64 inches, Collezione Privata, per gentile concessione dell’artista