Two Approaches to Representation

with Bernardo Siciliano & Vincent Desiderio

The amalgamation of painterly traces that comprise the pictures of Bernardo Siciliano and Vincent Desiderio can be divided into two categories: those made in the heat of perception and those constructed from a conceptual approach. Although both methods result in images that are high on the spectrum of the “reality effect,” and both display an urgency of execution, they are founded on different premises.

The different nature of the premises and their mutual goals in the terminus of “realism,” highlights an important aspect of the potential for meaning. The focus of the workshops spans the area between theory and execution. Participants will develop a deeper awareness of the choices they make regarding technique. They will develop a clearer understanding of the historical origins and precedence of their own aspirations as painters, and be able to place their explorations within the context of today’s horizon of expectations. Participants will work closely with both Vincent Desiderio and Bernardo Siciliano who will present two different approaches to method – one involving a sustained development of illumination with a gradual chromatic development and the other emphasizing a more direct application of color.

Key information about the workshop

Credits: on the left Bernardo Siciliano – on the right Vincent Desiderio