The Format

Milano Painting Academy presents MEET THE GURU, its programme of special workshops held by professional and internationally renowned artists that allow participants to learn unique techniques and creative languages guided by these artists, the GURUs.

This series of workshops, conceived by the Milano Painting Academy together with the artists, focus on helping participants to discover new techniques and ways of expressing themselves learning from established professionals from the artistic field.

The workshops are held in the spaces of the Milano Painting Academy, which is already active with its courses dedicated to drawing and painting.

Among the workshops inaugurating the MEET THE GURU programme are: the workshop Life-Size Painting held by artist Bernardo Siciliano; the workshop 3-D model for paintings dedicated to discovering how to make a Renaissance cartoon and build complex compositions using both traditional techniques and digital software, held by artist Nicola Verlato; and the workshop inspired by Caravaggio’s techniques, called Road to Caravaggio by artists Alex Folla and Elena Trailina.

These workshops are short intensive courses (usually 6 days) in which participants work to improve and learn techniques and processes guided by the artists. To achieve the best results, the number of places available for each workshop is limited and all the necessary material is provided by the academy and included in the price.