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The Milano Painting Academy is excited to introduce its special workshop program, MEET THE GURU, which offers a unique opportunity for art enthusiasts to learn from some of the brightest creative minds in the international art scene.

In the 2023 edition, the workshop was successfully led by Vincent Desiderio and Bernardo Siciliano.

The 2024 edition promises to be equally extraordinary, featuring the renowned artist Nicola Verlato as the protagonist. Nicola Verlato, a virtuoso in contemporary art, has captured the world’s attention with his extraordinary technique. Internationally acclaimed for his visionary works, Verlato has exhibited in renowned galleries and museums worldwide, earning critical acclaim for his unique ability to blend tradition and innovation. His impact in the artistic realm positions him as one of the most influential and inspiring figures in the contemporary art scene.

MEET THE GURU workshops at the Milano Painting Academy provide an opportunity to immerse oneself into the techniques and creative languages of world-famous artists. These short, intensive courses, typically lasting for 6 days, allow participants to work closely with the artists, learning the secrets of their success.

With a limited number of seats available, participants will receive personalized attention to maximize results. Both academy students and external enthusiasts are invited to take the opportunity to enrich their artistic practice through this extraordinary learning experience.