Milano Painting Academy

The Academy of doing

A strong identity

Milano Painting Academy aims to safeguard the founding value of technique as an essential element of artistic practice because, with the MPA method, the study and exercise of drawing, ornamentation and colour are the basis for learning to do pictorial art.

Drawing and Painting every day

Milano Painting Academy has set up its teaching by reclaiming the principles and disciplines used in classical art by the great masters of the Renaissance, reintroducing the concept of “art workshop”: a place where students work under the guidance of teachers, with models and natural light, or with controlled light beams.

The MPA Method™

MPA is a method that is the basis of a study plan that intends to mark a moment of “rupture” in the setting and management of academic training, a rupture that manifests itself by departing from both the traditional “Contemporary” Academy, which considers figurative language traditionalist and outdated, and from the various figurative academies based on the French Bargue-Gerome method, and which places “doing” at the centre of any training moment

An open training cycle

The MPA teaching method provides a course in an open cycle that allows students to enrol at any time of the year and to fully integrate into the training path, simply by joining the existing group.

In fact, the MPA method does not separate students based on classes and academic years, as all students are followed directly and constantly by the teachers, stroke after stroke, while they paint.

Milan, capital of contemporary art

We have chosen Milan because it is the Italian city that embodies the greatest aspects of innovation and best combines them within a multicultural and multiethnic vision. Milan is the city that, more than any other in all of Southern Europe, has been able to equip itself with a “contemporary art system” in relation to large museums, foundations and public and private collections.