The Milano Painting Academy came about thanks to the invaluable and fundamental contribution of the Maimeri Foundation, which for over twenty years has been working on the design, organization, production and dissemination of cultural events; artistic and cultural topics with high social value and a strong focus on inclusion. Today it is one of the most significant institutions on the international scene.

Founded to enhance the work of the Milanese painter Gianni Maimeri (1884-1951), artist and founder of the homonymous Fine Arts company, the Maimeri Foundation organises and curates exhibitions, performances, moments of dialogue and conversation, of dissemination and cultural study, collaborating with the most prestigious institutions in the country, with universities and research centres, with public and private museums, with companies and with private individuals, generating high-impact actions in the third sector, in hospitals and health centres, in prisons and in areas of urban regeneration.

Continuing what has been achieved so far by the Maimeri foundation, the Milano Painting Academy will make a concrete contribution to the success of the foundation’s future activities, aimed at distributing the work of young talents and supporting their artistic journey and their achievements along the way, always the foundation’s number one goal.

"The Foundation intends to act as a privileged interlocutor for artists, developing a policy aimed at disseminating, even in non-specialised areas, the creative line of Italian aesthetics through innovative tools"
The president Gianni Maimeri, grandson of the artist

Milano Painting Academy has chosen LA GIPSOTECA PIETRASANTA which has made plaster casts with materials and procedures of centuries-old tradition.
Statues, heads, busts, reliefs and antique friezes that guarantee a very high level of quality and fidelity of the copy to the original work.
”The charm of a museum can be found here where it is possible to take it home.”

The Milano Painting Academy location is illuminated with balanced light to guarantee a natural vision.
The LED source of the products installed has high quality standards in terms of color rendering and white vividness.
The projectors mount innovative magnetic optics from 4° to 60° which allow you to change the projection and color of the light in relation to the layout of the exhibition space.