David Dalla Venezia

He was born in Cannes in 1965 and grew up between Cannes and Venice in a family and environment rich in stimuli and examples of craftsmanship and art (his father worked as a wood craftsman, framer, gilder and restorer). Because of this, the artist has developed manual dexterity and experience of the craft (praxis) and takes on the metaphysical sense that underlies artistic making (poiesis). Later in his life, he graduated in art history and philosophy at the University of Venice.

In 1989 he held his first solo exhibition at the Bac Art studio gallery in Venice. In the 1990s, he was continuing to paint and exhibiting in Italy and abroad, and he developed his style as well as perfecting his painting technique. The confrontation with the contemporary has been always instrumental to nurture his artistic practice. David Dalla Venezia currently maintains relationships with his fellow painters in an attempt to support, not only with his painting but also through the organization of exhibition and events, the hoped-for revaluation of that part of the art world of our times that has been penalized so far: figurative painting. For this reason, in recent years, the artist has turned into teaching, to convey to younger artists the drawing and especially oil painting techniques, based on the use of a few elements, simple and essential.


opposite: photographic portrait of David Dalla Venezia, photo by Ulyana Accaramboni