A place that did not exist in Milan

Milano Painting Academy is not an academy that can only be used during working hours, but it is the place where the community of artists can have artistic experiences, exchange knowledge, build relationships and grow individually and collectively.

The sharing of learning is a fundamental educational aspect of the MPA method, as it allows moments of comparison and exchange between students of different ages, backgrounds and courses, who should measure themselves directly in work, in practice with live models and under natural light, or controlled light beams.

A place like this in Milan has not existed for many decades, which probably contributed to reducing painting to a solitary practice, an individual act often disconnected from the community. The mutual enrichment that derives from the sharing of knowledge and experiences is one of the objectives of the Milano Painting Academy; we would like to restore to the practice of teaching art, and to the city of Milan, the concept of a “cultural gathering”.

Why the Stadera district

We chose the location partly based on the desire to bring the quality of this painting school into the reality of this popular district of Milan, in accordance with the principles of spreading culture and promoting art that have always inspired and guided the activity of the Maimeri Foundation.

We have found a multifunctional space  that we have radically renovated and refurbished to ensure optimal diffusion of natural light, which is an essential condition for two of the training pillars of the MPA method, the daily practice of painting and observation of “real life” models.

A suggestive location that will host professional Academic Courses, Seminars, Workshops, Events, and Exhibitions to enable and promote talents, kick-start an artistic-cultural fusion with the city, and create positive, good quality relationships around the theme of beauty and art.